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Paws Station" is a Pet grooming Service shop. We have 15+ experience. We can handle and groom all types Dogs. We Provide dog eye cleaning,Ear cleaning,Nail Cutting and Grinding,Anal Gland Cleaning,Paw Trimming,Teeth Cleaning, Bath, Dog Ozone Spa etc. We have experienced and certified Groomer.

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Best Dog Spa in Kolkata

Pet Dog Spa in Kolkata

We can provide best special bath service In Kolkata. Schedule and book your Dog grooming slot through Call in your suitable time.We have more than 15 Year+ experience. We always try to bringing out your dog’s inner beauty is our ultimate grooming experience.All our equipment is premium quality. We focus on quality services and pet parents satisfaction.

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Call us to know the cost of dog spa service in Kolkata. If you are a first-time customer, we can arrange an attractive discount for you.

So what are you waiting for? Call us Now for more details. And come and visit our dogs grooming center.

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